Welcome Wagon Wheels; the leading Winnebago, Location Van, and Dinning Bus hire company in the UK. As a facility-vehicle hire company, we provide a full range of quality production vehicle that supports your needs. We can provide the right vehicle for your photo and video shoot, or commercial productions like TV shows, music events, event coverage, etc. Even if you need an additional dressing dress or green room for your product launch, don’t fail to call us because we can provide a modern fleet that perfectly suits the purpose. 

Wagon Wheels Inc. provide the best range of location vehicle such as:

  • Three sizes of Winnebago vehicles. 
  • Purpose-built location vans with different varieties. 
  • Double deck dining buses with production sections.
  • New honey wagons that are fully equipped.
  • Beautifully equipped wardrobe trucks of all sizes. 
  • Beautifully equipped make-up trucks.

With all these facility vehicles, we’re truly a unit-based Winnebago hire solution in the UK. Our drivers are highly experienced, professional and well-trained drivers who understand your needs, and happy to assist you in every production session. More so, all our vehicles are equipped with modern facilities such as high-speed 4G Wi-Fi broadband network, Nespresso coffee machine, and location packs. 

All these solutions we provide makes us the most preferred Winnebago, dinning bus, and location van supplier in the UK. We’ve provided these solutions to many commercial TV production companies, high profiled photographers, and professional filmmakers from around the globe. 

We have all sorts of Winnebago have super-beautiful interiors that were tailored to suit your needs such as:

  • Two position hair and a make-up section with fitted hanging rails for costume and wardrobe.
  • All our vehicle are furnished with air conditioners, underfloor heaters, and Nespresso coffee machines. 
  • Wall mounted Smart or LED HD televisions.
  • Multi-purpose built a workshop with standard furnishings and fittings.
  • Spacious bedroom with shower, basin and toilet facilities.  
  • Kitchen section with freezer, fridge, and microwave.
  • A well-located relaxation section with table, four (4) seats, and large leather sofa. 
  • All these facilities are powered with a 5kva generator.

In addition to the above facilities and finishing, it’s also pertinent to mention that our vehicles are well-maintained and refreshed inside out on a regular basis. Hence, these solutions distinguish us, place us ahead of the competition, and make our Winnebago, location vans, and dinning buses the choice of every production team in the UK. 

We are based near Pinewood is approximately one (1) hour drive from Central London, but we serve all cities and towns in the United Kingdom. Contact us today for Winnebago, location vans, and dinning buses and we’ll be more than happy to needs in any location of your choice. We’re expecting to hear from you!

So if you are a regular customer, or looking at us for the first time, come and see what’s new at Wagon Wheels and we will be more than happy to provide everything you need for the perfect shoot, whatever the location.

Let Wagon Wheels on Location be your right choice first time – every time!